Due to the inclement weather in the area, there may be delays in service for garbage, recycle, or yard waste. If we are unable to safely access and service an area customers will need to double up on their garbage next week and recycle or yardwaste in two weeks. We will not be offering credits for missed service as we will collect the material on your next scheduled pick up. 


*Please do not use a personal garbage cans to set out your extras as we cannot be responsible if carts are lost in the truck , please use securely tied bags placed next to your cart. Recycle can be placed in cardboard boxes next to your cart and yardwaste in biodegradable bags.

Please download the Murrey's Disposal app at the Apple App Store or Google Play for important service alerts.

Please CLICK HERE to see frequently asked questions and how to "double up".

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Please visit Pierce County's website to view free recycle drop off centers in our area.

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Glass doesn't belong in the curbside cart because it breaks and contaminates other recyclables. These little pieces of glass are difficult to recover during the sorting process. Broken glass is hard on the equipment at the sorting facilities and at the pulp mills when it ends up in the bales of paper.

Glass is not included in the curbside carts because it not only contaminates the other material, but it is potential end-uses are dramatically reduced from an environmental and economic standpoint. Picking it up in a separate bin isn't efficient or financially sustainable. Rates would have to increase to cover the cost of added equipment and trucks. There would also be an increased risk of injury to the service providers, since the bins have to be picked up and dumped manually. In addition, collecting glass in a separate bin would require additional trucks on the road, increasing fossil fuel emmissions and increasing our overal carbon footprint.

Even without curbside collection, glass makes up less than 6 percent of the total trash going to the landfill in Pierce County. Meanwhile, recyclable paper, plastic and metal make up almost 20 percent of the total trash - a much bigger problem and a higher priority for us to focus our efforts and resources on.

Bottles and Jars

Glass breaks in the cart and contaminates the other recyclables. The glass collected at our free drop-off sites go directly to a local glass recycler.

Find drop-off locations for glass

Glassware and Dishes

This material cannot be recycled with bottles and jars at our drop-off locations. Throw broken dishes and glasses in the trash. Items in good condition can be donated.

Find donation locations for glassware and dishes in good condition in our recycling menu.

Find donation locations for glassware and dishes