Due to the inclement weather in the area, there may be delays in service for garbage, recycle, or yard waste. If we are unable to safely access and service an area customers will need to double up on their garbage next week and recycle or yardwaste in two weeks. We will not be offering credits for missed service as we will collect the material on your next scheduled pick up. 


*Please do not use a personal garbage cans to set out your extras as we cannot be responsible if carts are lost in the truck , please use securely tied bags placed next to your cart. Recycle can be placed in cardboard boxes next to your cart and yardwaste in biodegradable bags.

Please download the Murrey's Disposal app at the Apple App Store or Google Play for important service alerts.

Please CLICK HERE to see frequently asked questions and how to "double up".

Please visit our Facebook page to keep up-to-date on important updates.

Please visit Pierce County's website to view free recycle drop off centers in our area.

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Cart's For Kids

In coordination with Pierce County, we are proud to announce our partnership with MultiCare to spread awareness about Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

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We are proud to be one of the largest employers in the community.
We operate with safety, integrity, customer service, and offer a great working environment.

Who We Are

Your service providers are members of the Waste Connections family of companies. In your local community, you know Waste Connections as Murrey's Disposal, Vashon Disposal, and DM Recycling.

Each Waste Connections company operates independently, making local decisions based on the needs of the community they serve. In addition to providing garbage and recycling collection service, we give back to the community through countless sponsorships, donations, and support of local organizations.

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Local Community Involvement

Waste Connections has made a commitment to give back to the communities we serve. We realize how important it is to positively impact our communities and consider our involvement a vital part of our sustainability as a company. Just as we aspire to be united as a company to achieve our goals, we believe this philosophy should also be applied to our local communities. We put our responsibility and respect at the forefront of our values and apply these concepts in our interaction with our communities we are fortunate to serve.


As our industry and current technology continue to evolve, we remain committed to growing and expanding our sustainability efforts with an eye towards the future.

  • Incorporating alternative resources to reduce landfill disposal and greenhouse gas emissions and harness bio-fuels.
  • Increasing the amount of recyclable material diverted from the waste stream.
  • Retrofitting our existing equipment.
  • Monitoring new technologies and programs that can enhance our commitment to the environment and lower our overall carbon footprint.

Values Driven

Part of the Waste Connections family of companies, our core values are:

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For our employees, customers, and the public.

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We keep our promises to customers, employees and stockholders.

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To ensure satisfaction and the best possible results.

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Our growth culture encourages each employee to realize his or her potential.

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