Garbage and Recycling Services in Unincorporated Pierce County

Residential Garbage Service, Residential Recycling Service, Residential Yard Waste Service

Our team at Murrey's, American, And Vashon Disposal strives to provide you the best collection service possible; this web site provides a brief overview of our basic services offered to you, our customer. Other services may be available, feel free to contact customer service at 1-888-806-7048 if you have any further questions or service issues. We are always happy to assist you!

For information regarding how weather delays may affect your collection, click here.

Garbage Service

Murrey's and American Disposal

Murrey's and American Disposal provides a wheeled garbage cart for your use. Garbage carts are the property of Murrey's and American Disposal and must remain at the residence where they are assigned. We offer a variety of service levels to meet your needs. The most common service is one 35-gallon cart serviced weekly and this accomdates a household of 1-3. Households with 3 or more persons is recommended to subscribe to a minimum of 65 gallons of trash per week. For those with small households who do a great job recycling, we also offer 20-gallon cart service. Please remember to choose the appropriate sized cart for your desired service level. Please consider the amount of waste you produce in choosing your garbage cart size. Each customer is allowed 1 change per 12-months to their garbage cart size for free. Additional changes within 12-months will be assessed a redelivery fee. To help us provide the best service possible, please set your items out by 7am the morning of pick up or the night before and within 5 feet of the curb or sidewalk with the appropriate 3 feet of clearance around the container.

Vashon Disposal

Standard service is for a can not exceeding 32-gallons in size. You will need to provide your own 32-gallon garbage can with a secure fitting lid. Any garbage can larger than 32-gallons will be picked up at the driver's discretion and may be charged an additional fee. Please note any additional amount of trash exceeding your service level will be charged a fee. Your container cannot be over 32 gallons in size or above 65 pounds in weight when full. To encourage waste reduction, we also offer a 20-gallon weekly service option, every-other-week 32-gallon service and once-a-month 32-gallon service. To receive the best possible service, please label your can(s) and any extra bags with your house number to assist with accurate collection.

Please remember to have your can at its service location no later than 7 am (6 am for our Vashon customers) on your service day.

2017-2018 WUTC Annual Letter (Murrey's/American)

Recycling Service

We strongly encourage all customers to recycle. By recycling, you are reducing waste and saving valuable resources. To encourage recycling, the rates in Pierce County are structured to give a discount to those who recycle. If you do not recycle, you'll pay a higher monthly rate and still pay the recycling program cost. We will provide participating Murrey's and American customers with a large wheeled recycling cart. Vashon customers who elect to subscribe to recycling for an additional fee will be provided four 18-gallon recycle bins. In these bins, we ask that you separate your recyclables by glass, plastic, aluminum, and paper. Due to program limitations, you are limited to one bin of glass each pick-up. Please see the link below for a recycling chart for the Vashon area. Standard delivery of recycling equipment is 7 to 10 business days from your service start date. Recycling service is an every other week service; see link below named, "A B Week Recycling/Yard Waste Schedule" for more details. To find out which calendar applies to your area or for any further information, please contact Customer Service (contact us link). Thank you for recycling and doing your part to keep Washington a beautiful state!

Cart Placement Instructions
Glass Recycling Collection Sites
Recycling Chart - Pierce County
Recycling Chart - Vashon
Recycling Drop off Locations and hours in Pierce County

For a list of acceptable recyclable items, please see the link above named 'Recycling Chart' for your appropriate area. Recycling trucks providing services have an automated collection arm, so it is extremely important that the containers are accessible for service. For more information on the placement of your recycle tote for service, please see the above link named, 'Cart Placement Instructions'. We appreciate you allowing us to earn your business and will strive to keep providing you as our customer the best collection service possible. If you have any further questions please call us at 1-253-414-0345, a Customer Service Representative is waiting to take your call.

Yard Waste Service

We offer most of our customers the option to subscribe to yard waste service. This service is a great way for you to recycle more, while at the same time offering you a convenient way to compost your grass clippings, leaves, and other acceptable materials. For a small additional monthly charge, yard waste subscription service is available throughout Pierce County for our Murrey's and American customers. Unfortunately yard waste service is not currently available on Vashon Island. Yard waste customers will be provided a large, wheeled cart with an attached lid that we will empty year round, every-other-week. When you order your yard waste cart, we will deliver it to your home within 7 to 10 business days from your service start date. Please note food waste is NOT accepted in the yard debris program.

Acceptable items are as follows: Leaves, grass, weeds, shrubs and other compostable organic materials from pruning. Brush, branches and roots can not be larger than 4 inches in diameter and must fit into container with the lid closed.

Not acceptable: Food waste, stumps, demolition wood, rocks, glass, plastics, flower pots, metal, concrete, sheetrock, asphalt, or other non-organic debris. Also bones, manure, or large amounts of dirt will not be accepted. *Maximum weight 250 lbs **Extra yard waste should be placed next to your container in untied, compostable bags. Additional fees will be charged for each extra bag.

Business and Multi-Family Service

Business and multifamily customers are offered a wide range of services. Whether you have a small-business that only requires a couple of 32-gallon garbage cans, a medium sized business interested in a container between 1-cubic and 6-cubic yards, or a larger business interested in drop-box, roll-off, or compactor services, our company can find a waste disposal solution that meets your needs.


Murrey's, American, and Vashon Disposal Company all bill bi-monthly. This means you will receive a bill for your garbage, recycling, and/or yard waste services every two months. You may elect to have your bills sent electronically via email by creating an account online. To do so, please click on "Online Bill Pay" at the top right-hand side of this page. You will need your full account number and invoice number to create an online account. You can access this information on your bill or by calling our customer service line. Bills are generated the 10th of the month and due by the 25th of the following month. For example, if you are on the odd billing cycle, your bill will generate January 10th and be due by February 25th. There are a number of ways to pay our bill. You may pay online, over the phone with a representative, over our 24-hour automated payment line, mail in your payment or drop it off in person at one of our offices or a local pay station. Please contact us with any billing questions and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.